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Gallery of Banners

Below are a samples of the many different banners our factory have produced.  All ranges of imprints are shown from 1 color to 4 color process. Imprints can be on both sides or just one side in 1, 2, 3 or 4 colors or 4 color process.

Social Media is where you get noticed. #hashtag banners are being used more and more to promote causes as they get your message across faster than website address.  Retractable hand banners is your best source of banners.  Low minimums and fast service gets you banners in 2-3 weeks. Banners roll up to 10" high and 2 inches wide and 3/8" thick and are easy to carry or mail. They are also reuseable. Call 800-884-8095 or go to and ask for a sample.

Mega Plus Birthday Banner

Mega Plus Birthday Banner

Our new Mega Plus retractable hand banners is 35.5" x 11.8" and is 62 percent larger than our standard banner. Ideal for events where you need your banner to be seen. Birthday banner is printed in 4 color process so you can have as many colors as you want.

Hastag banners are hot with colleges, alumni, high schools, clubs, non-profits and any one else wanting to raise their social media presence. Retractable Hand Banner of any size can be added to school admission packets to promote a feeling of wanting to belong to something greater than yourself or sold at bookstores.  Banner shown was printed in 1 color on two sides (white is a free color) and is 27.5" x 9.5". 

Retractable hand banners are attractive, easy to carry, fits in a large envelope and carry a BIG message and low cost.  Minimum order is 100 printed banners. Use banners to promote your event, your message, your business, your school. Shown is a 1 color imprint in green.  White is free color as it is the color of the banner. 

Hashtag banners are now the most popular banner being printed.  If you have a cause you want noticed retractable hand banners is great way. Retractable hand banners are low cost, easy to hand out, easy to carry with you and easy to store. Banner shown is a 1 color reverse imprint so your hashtag message really stands out. We hold our printing plate for 1 year so you pay only for the banners on reorder and not the plate charge (unless you change the imprint). Call for a free sample or call 800-884-8095 to order. We offer free email proofs.

MINI Banner 18" x 6.7" for College Admission Packets

Retractable Hand Banner of any size can be added to school admission packets to promote a feeling of wanting to belong to something greater than yourself.  As they proverb goes a picture is worth a thousand words. Banner shown was printed in 4 color process on both sides. The mini and regular size banners are compact enough to fit in any mailing.  

Using retractable hand banners to let your team and your opponent know your are there to cheer on your team. Hand banners are low cost, easy to transport and a great fundraiser item. The banner above was printed 4 color process in order to achieve the halftone effect. Whether you want just a 1 color banner or a 4 color process banner rectractable hand banner we can do it. Use our banner quote form and let us know what you need. We will work up a quote, make and email a proof for free and give you an in hands date. Banners take 2.5 -3 weeks to be delivered (depending on quantity ordered). Call today for a free sample. 800-884-8095.


The banner shown above is what we call a Flippable banner.  That means you can flip the banners with your thumb and forefinger from front to back so the person in front can read both sides without you closing the banner and switching handles.  This is popular for sporting events where you want your team to read your banner while they are playing and you yell Panthers Fight.

5 Color Process Retractable Han Banner
Retractable Hand Banners can print your artwork no matter how many colors or shades of color in your image. Because of the complexity of the colors in this banner it required 5 printing plates instead of our usual 4 plates. Our banners are printed on PVC material the rolls up upon itself making it a retractable hand banner. We print banners with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 4 color process banners on 1 or 2 sides. Call us today for a confirmed quote. FREE shipping and NO sales tax.

Travel company otuesday are using retractable hand banners to promote their travel business in Jamacia.  Look them up at @otuesdayoffical.

Retractable Hand Banners work for Real Estate agents too. Use at sales meetings, post in the office when you have sale, include with sales packets, team building events. Call 800-884-8095 or email us at to get a sample.

Banners with Suction Cups

Banners with Suction Cups

Shown above is a banner with suction cups.  Please note that suction cups are threaded onto the handles at time of production and can only be removed by cutting them off.  Suction cups are recommended for glass surfaces only.  Add suction cups for $0.15 per banner.

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